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Mark Is A Totally Professional Denture Maker. He Made My Dentures Quickly, With No Sacrifice In Quality. I Was Amazed With His Fully Explained, Denture Knowledge. My Dentures Fit perfectly, And I Really Enjoy The Soft Liner In The Lower Denture. My Experience With Mark, Could Not Have Been Better, Or Run Smoother. He Did A Superlative Denture Replacement!

S. Bigos, Etobicoke

I recently went to see Mark Chandler at the denture source. Requiring a full set of dentures I asked Mark for a quote & was very surprised at the reasonable price he quoted me.

We began the process. I required several teeth to be pulled so off to the dentist I went. Mark told me what to expect during this process & he was dead on.

The healing process went well & we began to take molds. Within 3 weeks I had new teeth. The color I picked was exact. I had my dentures fitted & only needed two small adjustments. Mark fully explained the process to get used to them & be comfortable with my speech & gradually getting proficient with eating.

I have never been more pleased with anyone doing a job so thoroughly & professionally. I would recommend anyone & everyone to visit the denture source. You will be happy I sure am.


B. Dukelaw, Etobicoke

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity, to give my recommendation to Mark Chandler, and his Denture Source clinic.

I met Mark on a rebound after terminating my relationship with my denturist of many years. My former denturist told me that the problem I was having, (rocking) he could not correct. I interviewed another denturist before Mark, and she also was unable to solve my problem. I met Mark, explained my situation, and he told me on our first meeting, that he could fix it! And he did, completely. Mark's procedures are different from anything I have experienced in my 50 years of denture wearing. He required 5 appointments (a first for me) but he is very methodical and meticulous every step of the way. On my 3rd visit, we did measuring, and teeth selection. I explained to him that I did not want that big "Chiclet" smile, whiter than white. I wanted the natural colour and size of my original teeth. On my next visit for the "trial" I was completely in awe of the job he had done. On my 5th visit, I received a denture that was 100% what I wanted, and it fit perfectly, no rocking, no movement at all!

I look forward to Mark creating a new lower partial for me in the near future. I am very lucky to have found Mark, and to have him for my denturist. 


P. Klinkhammer, Etobicoke



I am wearing dentures for many years and when we moved to Mississauga, I was looking for a new professional to redo my dentures after wearing them for five years. Having implants in my lower jaw, it is a little more complex to make and adjust new dentures so they exactly fit on the implants. 

When I met Mark Chandler of Denture Source, I was impressed by his professionalism and his knowledge about dentures even those involving implants. So far, he did new dentures for me twice in the last six years. He is very meticulous and his work is very precise; he will take as much time as required so my new set of dentures not only fits perfectly but also looks good and, most important, makes me look good without being too noticeable. 

Please do not hesitate to meet him and discuss your particular situation. He will be honest in his diagnostic and will not try to make you pay for work that is not required or not recommended based on the diagnostic he made. 

Sylvie P., Etobicoke On



I have been a patient of Mark’s for over 8 years and have been completely satisfied with the two sets of partial dentures and the continuing service he provided me.

I especially appreciate Marks approach along with his honest and balanced recommendations as to the best denture design for me, based on his considerable knowledge and experience and my individual situation

He has a very caring professional manner to his work which helps make the whole denture process a rather pleasant experience for the patient. Mark takes a real interest in the ongoing well being of his patients and it is nice to know that he is there if any issues should arise.

I highly recommend the Denture Source and Mark Chandler to anyone requiring denture work.

DLG, Mississauga On



I went to Denture Source where I met denturist Mark Chandler. He is professional, informative, and very attentive, fitting me with a full upper plate. My dentist commented that the dentures were the best she had seen. I would definitely recommend Denture Source and Mark Chandler.

Joe R., Etobicoke On




"My dad wanted a movie star smile and Mark delivered.

Mark’s skill and artistic talent resulted in an attractive and natural looking smile. He now doesn’t shy away from smiling in pictures.

Mark was very accommodating with follow up appointments for minor adjustments until my dad was happy with the fit of his dentures. Dad finds his dentures comfortable and easy to use. We not only feel that we have an excellent denturist but a good friend."

Giovanni and Frank R., Etobicoke, Ontario




Dear Mr. Chandler,

I do appreciate the denture you did for me a few years ago.  They are still holding well and every time I clean them up I think of the good job you did.  They might be the last ones I need since I am quite old but I  know that no one can ever replace you.  Thanks again and good luck.

Laurice G., Etobicoke On




Dear Mark,

Thank you for an excellent job on my top dentures. I look so much better now. I tell all my friends about your excellent work.


Wilhelmina, Etobicoke On




My husband and I sought the services of Denture Source in order to replace our current dentures.  Our first appointment with Mark Chandler was extremely pleasant and professional and confirmed our decision to use Denture Source.  We had 4 more appointments to complete the process which exceeded all of our expectations each and every time.  Mark is personable, professional and a pleasant individual.  He treated us with respect and took his time explaining the process of purchasing the new set of dentures and caring for them once we receive them. He also offers extremely competitive pricing.

We would definitely recommend Denture Source and the service Mark Chandler offers to anyone who requires dentures.  Thanks again Mark for your patience, attention and expertise. 

Helen and Archie T., Etobicoke On






Dr. Chandler made dentures for me about three years ago. Due to his professional care to his patients, and the extra time he takes to ensure a comfortable fit, I have not encountered any problems with my dentures of even a minor nature since the final fitting.  He is a person I would recommend highly to anyone needing dentures.

T. Burnie, Etobicoke ON




Dear Mark, 

I wanted to thank you for the superb job you did, making a new upper denture for me. It is such a relief not having to use strips that never kept my old denture in place. I'm sorry I din't get in to see you on Monday. When I'm in the city I will call you and drop by to have you check my dentures and say hello. Thank you


Joan B., Etobicoke, On




Dear Mark,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent work you have done for me twice in the past.  I wear my dentures with confidence and get compliments.


Manuel T., Toronto On




Dear Mark,

It has been some time and I have neglected to send you this missive of long overdue thanks. Your denture work meets and exceeds all expectations. I receive from friends many compliments. For myself the comfort is supreme, good crunch and bite, no more indigestion. The gold inlay fools them all. Last but not least your fee was most reasonable for such a fine job. Here is my vote for acclimation of your professional performance and perfection.

Yours Truly,

Geoff G., Etobicoke ON




Dear Mark Chandler,

After being referred to Dr. Chandler from a fellow employee,who needed a denture repair and was quite satisfied with the result, I needed a new denture, as well. I was impressed by his professionalism and honesty during our first consultation. The partial plate fit like a glove and I had no problems since. After one year I required another tooth to be added and again it fit like a glove. Thanks to Dr. Chandler I have a lovely smile again.

A Satisfied Customer,

Marlene H., Toronto ON 




I was in a constant struggle trying to come to a resolution about how to handle my dental issues. With the exception of one lone molar, I found myself with no back teeth to chew with which led to a whole assortment of issues from mouth pain to digestion. I was a poor candidate for implants and was feeling kind of hopeless about the whole situation. Then I was introduced to Mark Chandler and the world changed. He examined me and spoke to me at length about options best suited for me under the circumstances. The level of detail he went into left me totally assured and with no questions or concerns about outcomes and expectations. From the molds to the final fitting of my partial dentures he made the whole experience an extremely positive one and everything was delivered as promised. I once again enjoy eating and am much more confident about my appearance. 

Mark Chandler... best decision I ever made :)
Don Harvey, Toronto ON




Mark has looked after my dental needs for several years. I have found him to be very professional and very caring, for the seniors in particular. I would highly recommend him.

Betty, Etobicoke On




Dear Mark

My 92 year mother Ruby and I would like to thank you for the amazing service rendered.

You took the time to hear our needs and to explain the process involved and the after care required on her part. What she received in the end was comfortable dentures, which were painstakingly made and fitted comfortably after some minor adjustments.

You were easy to talk to, very knowledgeable in matters related to your field of work. We were educated on the dangers of the wear of poor fitting dentures as well as given more options

The transition from old dentures to new was so smooth with very little upset.

Thank you so much!

J. Earl, Etobicoke On




Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence, and especially a big smile back on my face. You made a difference. You really did.

Thank you

Bruna, Toronto On.




Dear Mark,

My mother is 86 years old aend needed both upper and lower dentures. She looked like a wizened old man and no longer smiled, nor ate any solid foods. Not knowing what a denturist does, I searched for one on the web, and after finding a few and speaking with them, I got a sense of what they do and what I would be expected to pay.

I found Denture Source, on a sign outside a neighborhood mall where I do all my banking and LCBO shopping. I am sure the sign has been there before, but I never noticed it. I took my mother up the elevator to the 2nd floor, followed the signs, and entered Denture Source offices. Mark greeted us personally, briefly examined Mom, and spent about 15 minutes explaining the procedures and options that needed to be considered. I was immediately struck by his personal and courteous manner, and technical knowledge. When we left, I thanked him, explaining that Mom and I needed some time to come to a decision.

Within a few weeks we contacted Mark and agreed to start the process. After five weeks and five visits, my Mom had her new dentures, a smile that brought back memories, and melted my heart.

Thank you, Mark. 

Louis F., Mississauga ON




Mark is a consummate professional. His technical expertise coupled with sincere care while I was a client is second to none. I have gladly endorsed him to many of my friends and sincerely wish him the very best in all his endeavors.

Kind regards,

Allan C., Toronto On




Greetings Dr. Chandler,

My mom Lucy is very pleased with the partial denture that you constructed. She is eating well and thanks you for your professionalism and kindness.

Your expertise and patience as you worked through the appointments was exemplary.

I would highly recommend you to family and friends.

Thank you!

L. Pevcevicius, Toronto ON



I met Mr. Chandler end of January 2014. Was a little worried because I had almost no existent bottom gums but after consultation, he said  he could make top and bottom dentures for me.  He took the time to explain the best way to keep your dentures in good shape. A lot of this was never said by any dentist before.

On April 4 was the day that I received my new smile and I am very happy. Thanks to Mark Chandler will definitely refer him to anybody that needs a denturist.

Thanks again Mark!


Denise D., Toronto ON



I cannot thank you enough Mark for giving me back my big smile and my confidence. 

The partial that I was wearing were over 10 years old, dull and with teeth that were too big for my mouth. After meeting you Mark, you made me feel very comfortable and you have a way of explaining what you can do for me in a pleasant and professional manner.

My partial fits well and it's comfortable too, and the color we picked together is a perfect match with the rest of my teeth. I am one happy customer with a million dollar smile.


Judi K., Toronto ON



When Mark Chandler makes a pair of dentures, they have to be as good as the last pair and the next pair. What I know for sure is that everything he knows goes into each pair and that they're not just my dentures, they are Mark's too!

He's a PROfessional from start to finish!

Thank you Mark!

Dan M., Etobicoke ON


My 85 year old father went to Denture Source Denture Clinic for an upper denture and a lower partial plate three years ago. We highly recommend Dr. Chandler's practice. There is ample free parking in the plaza parking lot. There is easy elevator access to Dr. Chandler's second floor office. His office is bright, clean and inviting. Dr. Chandler made sure my father knew all the pros and cons of the options available to him so he could make an informed decision about his dental care. He let us know what each visit would involve and how long each step would take in the process. My father was very pleased with his denture and partial plate and the care he received from Dr. Chandler. Dr. Chandler is still available for consultation whenever my father has a question or problem, even years later! If you need a partial plate or dentures, check out Dr. Chandler for excellent professional service. He will be happy to take care of your smile!
John and Mary S., Etobicoke

I had the privilege of working for Mr. Chandler as a student. He is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. He taught me a lot. Observing him with his patients he has a great rapport and treats them with respect. He is a great denturist that does amazing work, his patients were all happy and left satisfied.

Darlene, Student